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Klaus MikaelsonThe Battle of New Orleans

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Y ou know in the first film and in “The Avengers” it was kind of a punch punch kick kick which is great but you had to show why this guy belongs on the Avengers so we just wanted to try and step up the power and speed in his fighting ability… I did gymnastics which was something I kinda wanted to do in my life anyway, for years I was like “you know what.. I think I’m gonna take gymnastics” you know it would be fun to flip and tumble and spin. But he has very aerial combat style so we said I think we wanna try and cooperate this more fluid approach to fighting so we put me in some gymnastics classes . . When the Russos first told me  they were like ” it’s pretty early but I think we’re getting for Pierce” and you don’t know who they gonna say , you never know who they gonna say in the marvel world and they said Robert Redford and I literally was like .. “look ..listen .. listen whatever I’m getting for this movie he can have it.”

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omfg their faces


omfg their faces

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"Hop on…"

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Always looking back at you.
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